So I Decided to Turn My Life Around

I’ve wasted my entire life! Up to this point, anyway. I mean, there were a lot of fun things in there – like that time I had a nap that totally lasted the entire day – but seriously, I haven’t been doing much of anything.

This is me. I'm a handsome devil

This is me...I'm a handsome devil

So I decided to make a change in my life. That’s right…I was going to join the cause of the Horde. I think that what I was doing. Plus, I heard that there was no way I could upgrade my gear without joining up. So I was like “Yeah, sign me up!”.

My current digs

My current digs

When I did, there was this deep, creepy voice telling me about some blood thing that my ancestors did. Boring! I’m not those ancestors. Plus, I mean showing me my own hometown? I live there, not like I need to see that crappy place again.

My first quest! People kept getting in the way though

My first quest! People kept getting in the way though

This guy was surprised to see me! I think that’s because I was always falling asleep with the other lazy peons. That’s pretty cool, I’m kinda glad he wanted my help. Too bad the other recent converts kept running around fighting each other. Man, we’re supposed to be fighting the enemy. Am I right?

That’s what those hero types say, isn’t it?

He was easy to find

He was easy to find

So yeah, after he got over the initial surprise, he told me to go shake up the bones of Gornak. And man, was Gornak floored! He was all “Walletman??? Looking for me…in my cave???” Haha that was a riot. I guess I’ll like this hero business after all…


~ by morscata12 on February 25, 2009.

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