Visiting My Old Job

I ran into my old boss today – Foreman Thazz’ril. Now that I’m a total hero, he doesn’t seem as intimidating as he was before. I remember he’d send some ignorant lackeys to punish me for snoozing on the job. “Walletman, you’re supposed to be collecting lumber, not slumber!” Ugh, those shrill freaks waving sticks around drove me CRAZY.

Hey, foreman. He's right behind you! Do your own work.

Hey, foreman. He's right behind you! Do your own work.

Look, he’s standing right next to a sleeping peon, and he’s not going over there to wake him up.

He wants me to work for him again? Hah! I knew it! All those times I heard about “work ethic” was just a show for the other guys. Whoa whoa. Hold it, he wants me to hit the peons with a stick? I could become everything I hated most from my previous life. On the other hand, hitting things with a stick…

Count me in!

He looks so peaceful...time to wake up!

He looks so peaceful...time to wake up!

I feel like a kid in a candy store. All my old friends were going to get whacked on the head by my dull weapon. Sweet sweet revenge against anyone who out-lazied me in the past. Now no one can be as lazy as I was! HA HA.

I whipped him into shape!

I whipped him into shape!

It’s nice to know they still remember my name…not like I’ll be any less brutal with the club if they try to kiss up. That’s right, I’m in charge! You shall all fear me, for I am a sleep-destroying orc clubber.

Work peon, work!

Work peon, work! You're not chopping fast enough.

Cut down that lumber, mister! Or…what are you supposed to be doing? I think he’s just cutting down the side of that cliff. With an axe.

Looking at my old job from this side of the wakeup-stick makes the work look a lot LAMER than I thought it was. Sure I slept a lot, but the work seemed like fun at the time. “Cutting that down” and “collecting those materials” were a great way to get into shape (when I got around to it), but it seems so stupid now.

A moment of sadness

Getting skipped over for a promotion can be hard on morale

My buddies aren’t too thrilled about my promotion. I earned my position in “Waker Upper Management” (ha ha), and they’ll just have to get used to that. Walletman is a hero! A hero in efficiency. We’ll…boost production levels…ughhh what am I saying? I got out of here so I wouldn’t become that guy. Thazzril-dazzle can keep his shiny promotion for the next level four orc that walks by.

I can't believe I helped him out...

"You'll make a fine junior executive"

I played his little game, but the Foreman is still really snarky. “Hey there lazy! Did you wake your lazy friends up? Rah rah rah.” Good thing I’m not sticking around here. I’ve got heroic deeds to accomplish!


~ by morscata12 on May 13, 2009.

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