A Bad Trip Down Hidden Path

I know I do a lot of things right, but discovering ancient hidden secrets? I didn’t know that was a part of my sprawling resume. Some troll sent me packing to find an “elemental” (whatever that is), and I accidentally stumbled across this totally hidden path! It even said so when I discovered it.

Welcome to the hidden path

This is my first official discovery

I followed the path for like hours, and finally made it to a giant carved monument. That’s where the hidden path ended. Since I discovered it now, they should rename this place to “Awesome Path – Discovered by Walletman”. Whoever found it last left a giant blue rock laying around. I bet they stuck it there so the path would be easy to find. Psh! If that worked, this place wouldn’t be called “Hidden Path”, now would it?

At the rock

Someone left a giant rock just laying around.

Oh, I forgot why I was up here. The shaman troll gave me some secret frosty cool beverage to chug when I made it to that blue rock. I was going to ask what it was but…it’s a free drink. Walletman can’t say no to free drinks. Or free food.

Gulp gulp

Bottoms up!

It tasted pretty nasty, but I didn’t pay for it. Hah! Yuck. Seriously, this troll probably just poured some sweat into that cup for all I know.

Daaang…I’m seein’ through time now. My hands are moving and I’ve never noticed how amazing they look. They’re like a face, but the face keeps sloshing around and…um…everything’s dark…

Whoa, what was in that?

Whoa, what was in that?

Owww…I think I passed out. Dude, is that a monster made out of rocks? I must be seeing things still. That’s the last time I drink something a troll gave me.

What a big guy

This is a bad trip...to the hidden path. I should leave this area hidden

Maybe I’m not hallucinating. He seems pretty realistic for my imagination. Now, it is possible that my imagination is just that powerful, but I would probably come up with something with racing stripes or flames.

Well, yeah he does have flames drawn on his wrists. And coming out his eyes. But I’m talkin’ intense flames painted everywhere. He’s a giant rock man…why isn’t he flaunting his inner awesomeness?


He's as big as that blue rock! I bet it's his wife. Hah!

Nothing good could come of this. I don’t remember getting along with any giant rock men in the past, and there’s probably a good reason. That stupid troll set me up. It could be his way of hazing new shamans, but I bet he was just jealous of my obviously strong magical powers. You don’t see him shooting lightning from his fists.


~ by morscata12 on May 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Bad Trip Down Hidden Path”

  1. haha these need to be more frequent, they always give me a laugh

    • Glad to hear you enjoy my true tales of bravery! I think I might writing entries on Wednesdays and Saturdays to make the most of $15/month.

  2. Hey Walletman!! I love your stories about your life in Azeroth, don’t ever stop!!!! I ALWAYS get a laugh.

    • Thanks Lisa, I aim to please! This story also had a good moral: Don’t drink weird liquids that trolls give you. Seriously, if someone gives you free drinks, make sure they’re not a troll first.

      • “Seriously, if someone gives you free drinks, make sure they’re not a troll first.” I wish I had known that little piece of wisdom two weeks ago. rofl

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