It’s Hard Finding Camps

Ever want something so badly you’d consider helping sweaty trolls? I didn’t think it was possible, but dinosaurs are so so tempting. So here I am, putting myself out there to the troll community. Sort of a “hey there, let me get on your good side so I can reap the benefits” kind of thing. I’d better seek out some of the more desperate trolls…

This guy needs help

This guy looks pretty desperate!

You’re probably wondering why desperate is so important. Well, I doubt my hatred of gross nasty trolls has gone unnoticed. And so I don’t have to be on my best behavior, I should really only help the ones who can’t get anyone else.

He won't look at me

Man, he won't even look at me

Guess I was wrong…even the really pathetic trolls won’t even make eye contact with me. Eye contact is like number one in my book. It’s how you get the ladies to fawn over you as though you were a baby fawn. Hah! Seriously though, I’ve been told deer have some huge eyes. The bigger the better! If they’re gigantic it’s hard to tell what they’re not looking at. Well, if your back is turned it doesn’t matter how gigantic your eyes are. This message is pretty clear…he doesn’t want my help. Whatever, I’ll help him anyway.

Where is it?

Where is it?

So he wants me to find some camps and kill their leaders. For a guy who’s squatting on the ground, he sure has a laundry list of demands. I think he wants me to off three bad dudes. Not like I’m complaining…bring on the challenges! But he looks hurt; I’d ask for bandages and rum if I were him.

Hm…well, I was going to off the toughest dudes this side of the troll camp, but…hm…

Where are these “camps”? Did I hear him right? Maybe I’m all turned around here.

Nope, no threats in sight. Geeze, this “helping” thing is a lot more confusing than I was expecting. Better go tell him the bad news, I guess.

Sorry, dude

He wasn't thrilled that I failed him

More cold shoulder from the cold shoulder dealership. This is what I get for trying to help out a fellow squatter in need…makes me frustrated. I’ll go vent on some of the wildlife. With my club! Har har!

I can't even fight right..

I can't even do fightin' right..

Talk about emasculating! Here I am getting my confidence handed to me by some of the lame critters walking around, and this troll lady comes to my rescue. Uh, no! I didn’t come here to troll town just to get disrespected by everyone. I can fight my own fights, thank you very much. Even if I do lose them…dang…I might have to head back home and train…train like I’ve never trained before…


~ by morscata12 on October 7, 2009.

One Response to “It’s Hard Finding Camps”

  1. Welcome back Walletman! Missed you and so glad you’re on again. =)

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