Returning Home for Unfinished Business

When life gets tough, it’s a good idea to make some changes. Okay, so the changes might move you backwards but they’re still changes. And changes are good! As far as I know, you could keep changing the same thing back and forth and it’d be good each time! So yeah…I’m heading back to my hometown.

Coming Home

I'm heading home!

Hopefully no one will remember that I left. I’d hate to have to explain that. I mean, I’m not really giving up. I just have to train…to get better at punching/kicking so I’ll be able to take on whatever the trolls throw at me next. Oh, and directions. I have to remember to get better at following directions.

Remember Me

Orc ladies...a sight for sore eyes

This fem’ remembers me, I think. Hmm..probably not, though I think she’s impressed with my rugged manpowered strengthliness. I doubt the lady on the other side can see my body too well, so I get why she’s not running over here. That’s okay hotties, I’ll come back here when I’m done beefing up.

No Time To Compare Biceps

No time to compare biceps! I gotta run

Seriously, the guards here are always about the tough attitude..always sauntering around like they own the place. No way. If anyone attacked, I could take them on.

Okay, maybe not now, but later. Sometime when I’m combat-ready. That’s like any day now.

Hope Gornek Rehires Me

Time to get my job back

Gornek here will hook me up with work. I know, I know, he looks pretty frustrated. I can hear him now: “Guh, Walletman. I told you to go blah blah blah, and you never came back! Go finish blah blah and I’ll reward you greatly!”

Seriously I Was Almost Done

Seriously...I was almost done?

Ridiculous. Why didn’t I finish this before? All I needed to do was massacre two more deadly scorpions and rip their poisonous tails from their bodies? Sounds like a piece of cake! Looks like Walletman has his work cut out for him. And by him I mean me. Don’t worry, Gornek! I’ll safe-n the place up for you and your delicate nature.


~ by morscata12 on October 14, 2009.

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